Flexdex® 40 Deck
Flexdex® 40 Deck
Flexdex® 40 Deck
Flexdex® 40 Deck

Flexdex® 40 Deck

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Flexdex™ 40

Length: 40"

The difference between the pro and flex 40 is the tip... just the tip.
The Flexdex® 40 is in a class of its own. It is made out of custom fiberglass, and is said to be indestructible. Stronger and more flexible than wood, the Flexdex® 40 deck carves and flexes with a feel that you have to experience to believe. This one of a kind board claims to outlast and outperform it’s wood-pressed counterparts but its up to you to find out.

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Massive 15 year warranty on our decks.


No other skateboard carves like a Flexdex®. The harder you lean and drive the better it carves.


Express yourself, customize your Flexdex® Skateboard to bring more you into the world.

28 years of tradition

Born in 1995, Flexdex® Skateboards launched the worlds best carving skateboard deck.

We began with a vision, to bring the stoke and excitement of surfing and snowboarding to the concrete waves.

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