Dear loyal flexdex® fan,
We are incredibly grateful for your support. For nearly 25 years, flexdex® has been producing quality products for quality people.
During the production process, each board gets individual attention. Each board comes with its own set of cosmetic distinctions and each is unique. Any knick, scratch, or perceived blemish is simply part of the process. We call these character marks…and they are unavoidable.  
Our fiberglass and polycarbonate boards come with a one-year warranty, which is not standard in the skate industry.  This warranty covers breakage and damage that compromises the integrity of the board. The warranty is not meant to cover scratches.
These are longboards. They hit pavement, curbs, and are subject to outdoor elements. They do not remain in pristine condition. We appreciate your understanding and we thank you, once again, for your purchase.
Our Guarantee to you....
Our flexdex® fiberglass and polycarbonate decks are guaranteed for 1 year - but they are nearly impossible to break. We’ve extended this to include the LED’s as well for our Clear29-LT.
If our deck breaks after one year we would love to see it and consider replacing it. We reserve the right to make a discretionary call on replacement after 1 year. (Oh, if we inspect a broken board and find that a bomb, saw, sledge hammer, or anything of the like was used... no cigar)
In the event you need your deck replaced, buyer must pay S&H to send it back to our warehouse along with proof of purchase (must be within parameters of warranty). We will take care of the rest and get your new deck out immediately. A head’s up email never hurts! Use the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.
*Excludes vents on S30v and Pro40v models