Flexology Report

Where’s the kick?

flexdex® is designed to be ridden either ON or IN-BETWEEN the trucks to generate acceleration in every turn! Putting kick in the tail will cause the deck to arch upward when you ride.

Why is a flexdex® flat?

A flexdex® at rest is under Zero Tension. Step on it and you send energy directly to the wheels - that means Acceleration in Every Turn. In addition, the curve of the deck takes the arc of the turn you make - it’s easier to turn tighter and accelerate out of a turn. Some engineers say the transfer of energy to the wheels is up to 31% greater with flexdex® performance skateboards !

Why isn’t the deck arched?

Poorly engineered wood/laminated decks use an arch to slow down the sagging process, delamination, and breakage that will always happen. We could put “camber” in the decks for serious slalom racers, but the low center of gravity you get now seems to work better for the masses…..

Do flexdex® break?

You can’t break a flexdex®. If you do, send the deck back within the first year and we give you a new deck. The flexdex® clear is guaranteed one year from date of purchase against unreasonable breakage. It will most likely never break anyways. 

What’s so special about the ride?

You have complete confidence in your equipment when you ride a flexdex®. You get that same feeling as dropping into a big wave and pulling a huge bottom turn, or laying into a carving turn on a snowboard. The shorter boards are high performance boards for 180° slides, jumps, banks, and just tearing up anything you can find! The flexdex® has a smooth and quiet ride - unlike anything else on the planet.

What’s with the clear decks?

The flexdex® clear gives a longboard feel with shortboard performance. Besides, it’s cool to see the ground go by under your feet. Women love the clear flexdex® …..!!

Why the soft 78a  wheels?

The 78a softness is essential to the flexdex® ride.

How do I care for a flexdex®?

Besides using common sense when riding one, the standard flexdex® can be cleaned with anything that doesn’t melt your skin. Dents can be sanded smooth with 100 grit sandpaper or a piece of grip tape. The flexdex® clear should only be cleaned with soap and water.

Why buy FLEXDEX® ?

We are selling FUN…. These boards are incredibly fun - bringing back the fun in boarding for ALL AGES

Riders say that they are 10X Better than ordinary wood boards. flexdex®  is run by experienced and creative people whose goal is to help YOU have fun.