Slalom 30v Deck.
Slalom 30v Deck.
Slalom 30v Deck.
Slalom 30v Deck.

Slalom 30v Deck

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So hot we had to put vents in it....

The slalom 30v is a fresh take on an OG design. While flexdex® has had a slalom design since day one, the Slalom 30v takes it to a whole new level.

Slalom 30v has been designed to create the most high-end, performance focused ride possible. Utilizing the flexdex® custom fiberglass, the slalom 30v has the same flex pattern as the standard slalom 30, meaning it's still the lightest, fastest and most rider responsive ever born from the flexdex® labs. 

As one of flexdex's® most classic designs the slalom 30v has a reputation to uphold... so the work, testing and research that went into the re-designed board was extensive. The ground breaking design adopts the flexdex® Vent System running the length of both rails, allowing for maximum board flex and giving riders the highest possible turning and maneuverability of any skateboard made.  If your serious about you're ride, the slalom 30v is the answer.



*warranty/guarantee excluded on "vents" of pro40v & s30v decks 

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