Pro 40v

Length: 40"

So hot we had to put vents in it....

The Flexdex® Pro 40v ventilated longboard blasts asphalt, cement, and anything else its wheels roll onto. Long story short, this board is truly in a class of its own. The furthest thing from your standard longboard. The Pro 40v is the most high-end technically advanced board in the fiberglass line-up. As a suped up version of the legendary Pro 40, the Pro 40v is simply another step up.  This deck flosses the precision cut Flexdex® Vent System that runs the length of the rails, increasing board flex and allowing for the highest rider control of any longboard its size. The Pro 40v's supreme flexibility, paired with the right setup, makes for a riding experience that is smooth, fluid, and ultimately unrivaled.