Cruiser 36”


Unlaminated Fiberglass Composite Deck

Length: 36"; Width 8 1/4"

Risers: 1/4"

Griptape: Lasercut Jessup Ultragrip

Perfect for: Cruising, Commuting, Carving, Cross-Stepping 

The Cruiser 36 is one of our top sellers. This sled is your longboard/shortboard hybrid. It is shorter and lighter than our Flexdex 40 and is a step up from the Pro 33.

The Shape

This deck was originally designed with our mid-length/ longboard surfers in mind. Like those classic surf shapes, it distributes weight seamlessly for better balance and a smooth ride.

Whose It For

The Cruiser 36 is ideal for those looking for a more sturdy, but still slightly loose shape. With this under your feet, the rider will be able to do some small cross-stepping combined with long drawn out carves. Making it an extremely fun board to have a session on.

This board is also ideal for commuting, as it offers an extremely smooth ride without a lot of work to get it going.