Endo 28

Length: 28" &  Width: 8 1/4"

The Endo 28 has quickly become a team favorite since its recent re-release. Mainly because of the decks ability to be ridden from either end. No worries about tail or nose - simply grab this sled and start cruising. 

What Is This Shape?

The Endo is a mirrored tail to nose concept. However, there is no defined “ Tail Or Nose”.

Ultimately, the deck is designed for ease of mind and comfort cruising. The Reflection's reversible ends guarantee you are always in the right position.

Whose It For

 This deck is bigger than our Mini and Grenade options, but still small enough to stash away in tight places. This slightly larger step-up deck is for those looking for a little more foot room to work with, without offering up the ease of carrying/storing convenience. 

Worth noting that the Endo is perfectly capable of digging into turns - team tested and Shaka approved.

Board Design

The board is engineered UNLAMINATED fiberglass composite. Meaning, your board will never delaminate, break, or die. EVER.

With your traditional wooden skateboard - when you tilt it to turn - energy is lost. This means you end up slowing down in the turn. With this deck, you send more energy directly to the wheels when carving. This allows you to generate more speed...not lose it.