Who We Are

The Story of Flexdex™ Skateboards 

We are proud of our history and stoked for our future… 

The story of Flexdex™ began in 1995 in San Diego, California. The original crew was made up of Surfers, Skaters, Snowboarders, and Motocross riders. These talented individuals such as Kelly Slater, Kalani Robb, Cara-Beth Burnside, Jim Rippey, Tim Curran, and Robert "Wingnut" Weaver helped develop a unique and flexible design that was embraced by both novice and professional riders.

Our technologically advanced designs laid a strong foundation for the future of longboard riders. By introducing Composite Fiberglass and Polycarbonate Technology... The team was engineering the ultimate performance board.

To this day, we have continued to provide boards described as ultra-smooth, outrageously durable (aka indestructible) , and exceptionally fast. Our unique decks NEVER DELAMINATE, BREAK, or DIE. EVER.

Flexdex™ Skateboards is now proudly located on the East Coast. Even though we have relocated, we are still on the same mission to provide an incredible riding experience for ALL ages and the highest-quality decks on the market. We have maintained our interest for innovation and industry developments with continued focus on respecting our roots. Sometimes you just shouldn’t mess with perfection! 

The Personalities of Flex

There was a reason why some of the leading professional surfers, snowboarders, and skateboarders came and designed their models with us. They were stoked on what we were building and simply wanted to share that stoke with you! Each athletes personality truly came out in their models. These signature models not only rode insane, but they helped raise money for a variety of world organizations.


We created a special brand of flexdex back in the 90’s called K-Grip Skate when Kelly Slater, (Surfing’s 11x World Champion) partnered up with us. We ended up
with 3 designs. An awesome 40” carving longboard, an insane 29” road warrior, and a sweet and fast 33" carver for our former team rider, Pro Surfer Kalani Robb.

K-Grip Skate was the first surf/skate product to raise money for charity. Not a percentage of profit but hard dollars from each board.

Today, we produce a vast variety of models. This way, you can find the perfect board or build the perfect quiver and be prepared to rip anywhere you find yourself. We plan to stick to our roots and continue giving back to aid those in need.