The Classic 29

Length: 29"  &  Width: 8.25"

The Classic 29 was created with the everyday skater in mind. It is designed to be the ultimate inbetweener of a mini-cruiser and classic longboard. Making this deck a team and customer favorite!

All Day Cruising

Never worry about what board to bring again. The C29 Is easy-to-carry and reliable for any conditions. So whether you are commuting, hitting the pump track, or bombing hills... This deck has you covered.

Whose It For

Having a quiver is nice and all, but you can’t beat having an ol’ reliable. That’s why this deck is ideal for anyone who isn’t looking for that “ Go-To” model. A board designed for the everyday skater.

Board Design

The Classic 29 features a variety of truck mounting holes, so you can set this ripper up any way you want.

The board is also engineered UNLAMINATED fiberglass composite. Meaning, your board will never delaminate, break, or die. EVER.

With your traditional wooden skateboard - when you tilt it to turn - energy is lost. This means you end up slowing down in the turn. With this deck, you send more energy directly to the wheels when carving. This allows you to generate more speed...not lose it.