Flexdex® Laser Cut Griptape

Flexdex® Laser Cut Griptape

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Jessup ULTRAGRIP™ lasercut Flexdex® diamond design.

Please select the correct Flexdex® deck you have as they are cut specific to each board including both length & hole patterns

10" x 31"

-Grenade 23

-Classic 29

-Slalom 30

-Slalom 30v



-Pro 40

-Pro 40v

-Flexdex™ 40 

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Massive 15 year warranty on our decks.


No other skateboard carves like a Flexdex®. The harder you lean and drive the better it carves.


Express yourself, customize your Flexdex® Skateboard to bring more you into the world.

28 years of tradition

Born in 1995, Flexdex® Skateboards launched the worlds best carving skateboard deck.

We began with a vision, to bring the stoke and excitement of surfing and snowboarding to the concrete waves.

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